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PostureSmart Ergonomic & Orthopaedic Office Posture Seating

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“We’ll take care of your Employees while they take care of Your Business”

Why Orthopaedic Office Seating Matters to Your Business

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As we all know, workers who spend a big part of their day at a desk often count back pain, neck pain and low moods among the many symptoms caused by sitting in one place for a long time. Recent statistics from the UK Health and Safety Executive shows that in 2011/12 approximately  27.0 million working days were lost in total, with 22.7 million working days due to work-related illness and 4.3 million due to workplace injuries. Musculoskeletal ranked high and included symptoms relating to back, neck and shoulders with keyboard work and awkward/tiring positions ranking high on the list of causes. Giving employees Office Chairs that support their backs and encourage good posture can minimise the risks of these problems and help people feel physically and emotionally well at work.

PostureSmart® ergonomic office chair solutions  exceed HSE Seating at work Directives and can make a huge difference to your employees’ working day, reducing sick days and improving productivity in the process.

Back Care & Good Posture for Every Individual

Our bodies are all built differently, which is why a ‘one size fits all’ approach to seating is never cost effective in the long term. A chair that’s developed according to individual specifications  or has multi-adjustment built in as standard has countless benefits for employee and employer alike:

  • Likely to be used for longer by that one person
  • Saves money by minimising number of sick days caused by back pain or strain
  • Being comfortable makes people more productivePostureSmart Contour with Posture-Line Mechanism
  • Feeling cared for is good for morale
  • Builds your reputation as an employer that safeguards its employees

All PostureSmart®  office chairs have been developed in consultation with experts                                                             as well as physiotherapists, occupational therapists and ergonomists, they are manufactured in Britain to the                                           highest of standards.

                                                  On-site Orthopaedic Seating Assessments & General Seating Consultations

1D4_0020_webOur expert team has been helping companies and individuals tackle back pain and other associated problems by choosing the right ergonomic office chairs for more than 9 years.

Our seating assessments are an important part of this service. We are very happy to visit you on site or discuss your needs over the phone so that we can provide you and your employees with the best office seating for their needs. This bespoke solution means no order is too big or small.

You can click on the links below to find out more about our comprehensive seating solutions for all office workers, including tall people, petite and small people, and heavy people, as well as to book a seating assessment.


  • Discuss how to best manage employee back care in your business
  • Find out which seating solutions would be best for all individuals in your organisation
  • Book a no-obligation consultation with one of our seating specialists
  • Access the expertise of one of the UK’s most experienced orthopaedic seating companies
  • All PostureSmart®  Ergonomic Office Chairs exceed HSE Seating at Work Directives 
  • Reduce sick days and increase productivity, comfort and morale



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