Best Petite & Small Office Chairs

Petite & Small Office Chairs

petite & small office chair

Contour Petite

As the creators of petite office seating we are confident that we have the best Human Friendly Petite & Small Office Chairs  available. We can  accommodate people ranging in height  from 4′ 10″ (1.43m) to 5′ 3″ (1.6m), in fact we can even have a smaller seat manufactured if required.

All these office chairs are specifically Designed for petite and small people. They all Exceed HSE Seating at Work Directives, and all have mechanisms SATRA tested to BS5459.

Office Seating with Superb Posture benefits  as standard providing multi-adjustment. There are many  options such as pocket or coil sprung seats and inflatable back panels, so that you can tailor the chair to your needs.


Fit the Office Chair to Your Height

It is important that the chair should fit the person and not the person fit the chair. It is common place that many office seating products do not  meet this criteria as they were simply designed with a one size fits all philosophy.  This is wrong  and can lead to back problems, strain and fatigue. That is the reason we started developing  petite and small office chairs back in 2007.

We looked at our ranges and tried where ever we could to mirror image the standard PostureSmart and Vertebral orthopaedic office chairs. We then had them manufactured with a  shorter seat with depth adjustment from 420mm to 470mm. The  height adjustable  backrests  allow  an individual to sit comfortably and engage with the backrest.  This is important in helping to  prevent shoulder and neck strain.


5 Year Warranty on all Petite & Small Office Chairs

Manufactured solely in the UK with a minimum 5 year manufacturers warranty for normal use. Our petite and small office chairs are  a very high quality product developed by people that care. We believe that these chairs are Simply the Best.

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If you have any questions or would simply like to talk to a friendly expert, please either use the contact form → here or call 01388 748 999. We are here to help!

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