Coil & Pocket Sprung Office Chairs

Coil & Pocket Sprung  Office Chairs

 Orthopaedia & Vertebral Coil & Pocket Sprung Office Chairs – The best proven concept from the UK's foremost manufacturer and developer of Orthopaedic Office Seating.

Orthopaedia is an investment in wellbeing, it is recommended by healthcare specialists and Occupational Health departments. Orthopaedia is in use by many organisations and individuals as a solution not only for back pain and Sciatica but also general and 24 hour use.

Suitable for 24 hour & Control room use

Vertebral Coil Sprung Chairs are our own branded chairs using the very same coil sprung frames as those used in the Orthopaedia range.

Made in the UK with Unparalleled Quality 

Orthopaedia & Vertebral chairs far Exceed HSE Seating at Work Directives


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