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ergonomic DSE workstation & seating assessmentsResults from a survey conducted on behalf of the Health and Safety Executive, indicate that in 2005/06 an estimated 1,020,000 people in Great Britain suffered from a muscular skeletal disorder which, in their opinion, was caused or made worse by their current or past work.

Office chairs should not aggravate or cause injuries it should be Human Friendly. However long periods of sustained sitting in incorrect postures, particularly in office chairs that are not the right size and do not have the ability to adjust, or fit the individual are likely to create cumulative type muscular skeletal injuries and aggravate any underlying clinical conditions.


Have Your Office Chair Assessed for it’s Suitability


Many companies are now requesting on-site assessments  for employees suffering from bad backs or more serious clinical muscular skeletal-disorders or injuries. The difficulty from experience, is that although the assessor may be professionally qualified in muscular skeletal issues or trained in Display Screen Equipment (DSE) Assessments (There is currently NO qualification available for this type of assessment), or indeed just a sales representative with a tape measure and catalogue, they are generally not familiar with office seating, its components and the multiple ways in which an office chair can be configured or manufactured for an individuals particular needs.

This is wasteful and in many cases  probably distressing for the employee as the process to source a chair fit for purpose has to start over again, and the employer is left with a chair probably costing hundreds of pounds simply not fit for purpose.


Is Your Chair the Right Size?


In fact, although the chair will be the most important part of the assessment. In many cases when the new chair arrives it is either the wrong size or does not have the correct components to provide the adjust-ability, and support for the person it was intended for.

How do we know this – well, PostureSmart (UK) have in the past been called in on many occasions to put right issues caused by the incorrect office chair being recommended by an Assessor, and in many cases sourced from suppliers not knowledgeable in the specifics of Office Seating, indeed  the DWP brought us in to correct several cases.

This was due to the  chairs recommended in the original assessment not being suitable, and in addition, it was actually believed that a suitable chair could therefore, not be sourced. In all cases we solved  the problem by carrying out an assessment and configured chairs to the users size and requirements, a 100% Success Rate and to date we still have a 100% record for providing the correct office chair, fit for purpose and allowing the employee to get back to work.  Great for  employee and  saving the employer precious resources.

We are Orthopaedic Office Chair Specialists


How do we do itThere is no secrets, we know all there is to know about office seating. We draw on a vast knowledge pool and are able to configure chairs specifically for the individual. Although our PostureSmart & Vertebral ranges of  ergonomic and orthopaedic office seating can be used for high quality general purpose seating in the office, these chairs are so flexible that they are fully configurable to accommodate  specific needs and can be built around that requirement.

We are now  offering our expertise to companies, organisations, NHS and other National and Local Government Departments alike. We are able  to provide National coverage of the UK including Highlands, Islands and all of Ireland to provide professional on-site assessments  of an individuals’ requirements, based on past and current history.

Using  this information, and if a requirement exists, we will provide a report to include a quotation for an office chair delivered and professionally fitted to the individual, reassuring the employer with the knowledge that the employee is being provided with the correct  chair for their needs  in the first instance.

DSE Ergonomic Workstation Seating Assessments are available now  for ALL areas of the UK

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