Jumborest – The Versatile & Portable Desk Armrest

This Unique Ergonomic Desk Armrest – helps with Posture and reduces fatigue – Introducing JumboRest!

Jumborest, a strong desk armrest that clamps to either a desk or table and can be either temporary or permanent. Jumborest allows closer access to the work area and  is also  portable.

The arm pad of this desk armrest has 3  adjustable positions for the  bracket be fixed quickly. Because this provides width adjustment it is  particularly useful for wheelchair users.

An Ergonomic Desk Armrest that will fit Virtually any Shape of  Desk or Table!

Jumborest Ergonomic Desk Armrest

Jumborest is manufactured from high quality materials for durability.  Another feature is the non-slip properties on all surfaces that come into contact with the desk or table. By using  2 of these ergonomic armrests they give a combined push down load of 100kgs.

The Jumborest clamp has been designed so that it will also fit desks or tables that have a 100mm front lip. This allows Jumborest to clamp  securely and fit older types of desk or table.

Jumborest  can be disassembled in seconds for portability and can also be re-positioned quickly if required.  It will even fit onto round tables.

Jumborest really is a unique Ergonomic Desk Armrest.

The design strength and adjust-ability of Jumborest makes it an ideal accessory for wheelchair users. The arm pad width adjusts so that it will not come into contact with the arms on the wheelchair. The armrest dismantles quickly for easy transportation.

Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at the video!

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