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Posture-Perch the First Fully Adjustable Sit-Stand Chair

First Fully Adjustable Sit-Stand Chair

Introducing the First Sit Stand Chair with Full Adjustment for Seat Height, Tilt  and Backrest Height and Rake.

Posture-Perch adjustable sit stand chair

Posture-Perch  is  great  for people working at higher levels such as Sit – Stand desks, workbenches reception areas or laboratories to name but a few. The big drawback in the past has been the lack of flexibility a lack of good support and seat angle adjustment.

Posture-Perch is a 1st it is a  Perching Stool that is also a sit stand chair – it is  not only Height Adjustable but the seat tilts – the backrest is angle adjustable as well as height adjustable. There is  even  the option of having an Inflatable Lumbar Support. High Quality Lock-On Castors prevent the chair from moving when you sit or perch on it.

Posture-Perch for Perfect Posture

The angle of the seat effectively provides a perfect posture when the seat is in the perch position, this allows body weight to be transferred down your legs just as if standing.  This helps to provide core stability and reduces spinal compression. The ’Posture-Perch’ is fitted with high quality Lock-On castors, when a person decides to move from standing  to the perch position the castors lock and the chair will not move.

High quality components, foams and upholstery materials feature in the manufacture of the Posture-Perch perching stool which makes this chair a very affordable  premium product with a full 5 Year Guarantee.

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