Prostate Office Chair for sufferers of Prostate discomfort

Prostate Office Chair provides relief and More Comfort for sufferers of Prostatitis

The V704PR  prostate office chair has been developed for men with prostate problems such as Prostatitis. Our V704PR chair provides more comfort and adjustment than any other chair currently available today.  A truly Human Friendly innovation.

Based on our popular V704 with a coil sprung seat (image shows chair with optional  ‘Durham’ arms panel) and features   a new, unique system to help relieve the pressure on the prostrate gland when seated.

Seating that Reduces the Pressure

The image shows the seat with panels inflated, which does not look at all out of place and unsightly.

As  mentioned this prostate office chair has a coil sprung seat as the platform and features a new and unique system positioned on top  of the sprung seat frame. The system panels run underneath the upholstery and are positioned under the upper leg and buttock. When the panels are inflated they lift the body clear of the seat surface which reduces the pressure on the prostate gland. The result is that you are more comfortable and therefore better able to concentrate on work and not be distracted by discomfort.

The sprung seat is the key to the success of the system as the seat and panels work together. The sprung seat frame prevents the panels from sinking when inflated and the chair is in use, as they would do if  a foam seat cushion was used.

The first V704PR prostate office chair was  bought by a gentleman with severe prostate discomfort. We received feedback 8 weeks after delivery, this is his comment.

“The chair is great it takes the pressure off perfectly”

The V704PR office chair for men with prostate problems is a chair we know works.

This is the link to the  → V704 orthopaedic office chair if you would like to order on-line and choose inflatable seat panels in the options menu. Or alternatively  drop us a line via our   → Contact Form and we will get back in touch to discuss.

Interested and like to discuss? Please give us a call, t: 01388 748 999 we’d love to talk.

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