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    Office Seating can be a cause of Back Pain, it requires an Expert approach - PostureSmart (UK) is Top when it comes to all types and sizes of Office Seating - Simply The Best
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Welcome to PostureSmart® - Simply the Best

Ergonomic Office Chairs developed with skill by the Office Seating Experts. PostureSmart orthopaedic and ergonomic office chairs offer a range of affordable high quality seating to suit all. From Petite to Tall and light to Heavy we have it all. Unsurpassed quality - all our office chairs are manufactured in the UK and tested to BS5459 they far exceed HSE Seating at Work Directives. For peace of mind all our office seating is covered by a full minimum 5 year guarantee for normal 8 hour use.
Our own range of High Quality UK manufactured, Human Friendly - Posture Active office chairs, all with orthopaedic properties. These chairs provide optimum adjustment and comfort with options to tailor the chair to a particular need. Lumbar, Sacrum and Thoracic Panels plus our unique Posture-Pocket sprung seat system are to name but a few, Simply the Best.
Our office seating for tall people was developed in conjunction with the UK's leading developer and manufacturer of orthopaedic office chairs. This range consist of our PostureSmart® and Vertebral™ Coil sprung seat ranges.These chairs offer Active Posture chair mechanisms with seat depth adjustment as standard. Additional options include inflatable support panels as well as our Posture-Pocket sprung seat system.
From the creators of the petite office chair we bring you Posture Active office seating developed for people ranging from 4' 10" to 5' 3" (1.5m - 1.8m) and of average or petite build. With each petite office chair featuring a posture active chair mechanism and seat depth adjustment as standard which allows the chair to fit the person and not the person having to fit the chair. Supportive backrests and the facility to have an even shorter seat manufactured if needed.
Orthopaedia® and Vertebral™ Coil Sprung Orthopaedic Office Seating is simply the top of the tree when it comes to complete back care office seating solutions. Coil springs are reactive and so provide support where some foams simply are not resilient. Orthopaedia® and Vertebral office seating is an investment in well-being and is engineered to last, it is simply the best you can get!
A range of high quality ergonomic Office Chairs for people weighing between 20 stone (127 kgs) to 50 stone (317 kgs) developed and manufactured in the UK using components and materials specifically chosen for strength, durability and comfort. Every chair uses a Posture Active mechanism with options including Coil Sprung or Posture-Pocket sprung seat systems for reactive seat support. There is also the option to have a chair tailor made to an individual requirement.
The PostureSmart® range of Ergonomic Draughtsman, Laboratory, Counter and Sit Stand chairs developed to provide posture and back support. Developed for standard or 24 hour extreme duty work areas. Options include back support panels, arms, seat depth adjustment. The TM1 features our unique Posture-Pocket seat system, the V704D features an orthopaedic coil sprung seat system.
Posture Active seating developed for clinical and clean room areas where infection control or liquid spray cleaning of seating is required. Featuring high quality foams for comfort, lumbar support panels, seat depth adjustment and hard floor castors as standard.
Where an office chair cannot be sized or configured to a persons specific requirements due to clinical issues or size we have the facilities to have a chair manufactured for the specific requirements using expert knowledge and engineering skills from the UK's leading authority and manufacturer of Orthopaedic Office Chairs. To discus a requirement either contact us directly on 01388 748 999 or follow the link to the contact form and we would be pleased to discuss your requirement.
Expert DSE Office Seating Assessments carried out by expert assessors to identify the best DSE workstation solution for the employee. With many assessments only requiring a telephonic consultation the cost can be kept to a minimum. However where an on-site assessment is required we will arrange for an expert assessor, not a sales rep with a tape measure, to visit and identify the issues that require addressing. With a 100% success rate at providing the correct seating solution be confident that we will get it right first time. Call us on 01388 748 999 to discuss your requirement or click the link to the on-line request form. We cover all the UK and Ireland.