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bespoke office chair

Occasionally there is a requirement for an office chair, that due to injury, accident or disability cannot be catered for.


No longer do you have to put up with standard office seating that is not suitable for your particular needs.


We have teamed up with the leading specialist manufacturer of orthopaedic office seating in the UK, to create a truly bespoke office chair specifically for your needs.


All the office chairs in both the PostureSmart® and Vertebral™ ranges are flexible to specific configurations, so that a large backrest can be fitted to a small seat or large seat to a small back. Lumbar and other inflatable panels can be positioned to any requirement in the backrest.

However there is always a need for something a bit more special, and working with our dedicated office seating manufacturer we can  design and have a tailor made chair to  provide the best possible solution.

We believe that we are the only  specialist office seating provider able to offer this service in the UK.

Case Study 1


Gentleman Age 62

Height 6’1”

The following paragraph is taken direct from the original email:

“Orthopaedic problems:, osteoporosis of spine, numerous collapsed vertebrae (thoracic and lumber), especially T6 for which I’m having nerve root block procedure in 4 weeks
Recently found Tarlov cyst in sacrum, still to be investigated but likely to be more comfortable if weight can be kept off sacrum.”

An office chair was configured using special lumbar panels and thoracic supports. The seat and backrest had coil sprung frames built-in with the backrest also having a removable, multi functional headrest.

All the foams were extremely high quality, soft touch, with memory foam toppers in both the and backrest for additional comfort. The armrests being height adjustable also had 4 way adjustable arm pads for width and depth adjustment.

The client feedback was as follows:-

“I am amazed, and deeply impressed, at the care that has been taken to tailor the chair to my own needs. The comfort level is outstanding”


Case Study 2


A chair was commissioned to be shipped to Australia which was manufactured for our customers client, it was made using the information from their assessment form and the anatomical measurements taken at that time. The bespoke bariatric office chair that was made had to have a specially manufactured seat with a depth of 47cm and width of 65cm. It also had a specially manufactured coil sprung interior and a reinforced seat pan so that all the fittings were metal to metal. The chair was manufactured and sent by air freight, this is the feedback received once the chair had been delivered:-

“The chair arrived and has now been assembled, looks great. I have the recipients case manager coming to visit me at the shop to get familiar with the chair adjustments before it goes out to client next week , Thank you for all the help you gave in this process I hope we will get the opportunity to work together again on another project in future . All the best Ken”


In order to achieve results like this we need to understand spine related disorders, have an intimate knowledge of office seating design, and understand the manufacturing process. Only with this combination of skills will clients truly achieve the results they are looking for.

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