Meet Posture-Perch a Sit-Stand Chair with a Difference

sit stand chair

Posture-Perch the only Fully Adjustable Sit Stand Chair

The Sit Stand or the  Perch Chair or stool as they are commonly called, are great  for people working at higher levels.  Sit – Stand desks are becoming more popular, require a particular type of chair if full advantage of the advantages this desk provides. The big drawback has been their lack of flexibility and ability to provide good adjustment and support.

Enter Posture-Perch, ‘One of a kind’  The Office Sit Stand Chair.


The PostureSmart ‘Posture-Perch’ Sit -Stand Chair is an exciting newly development and is aimed at providing a Sit-Stand position with multi-adjustment.  ‘Posture-Perch’ is not only height adjustable, the seat also tilts from the horizontal to a forward tilted position providing a perch position providing a perfect posture beneficial stance. This allows  the chair to be used for prolonged periods. The backrest is also height and angle adjustable won a simple lift up system.

The angle effectively provides a perfect posture in the perching tilt,  this allows body weight to be transferred down your legs just as if standing, this assists with core stability and so  a reduction in spinal compression.  ’Posture-Perch’ is fitted with high quality Lock-On castors, when you move from standing  to the perch position the castors lock and the chair will not move.


  • Seat Height:-  570 to 770mm
  • Seat Width:-  400mm
  • Back Height:-   270mm to 340mm
  • Back Width:-  400mm

Standard Features:

  • Unique Sit to Perch Adjustment
  • Lift Up Height and Angle Adjustable Backrest
  • Back Angle Adjustment
  • 3″ (75mm) Deep Seat Cushion
  • Lock on Load Castors Prevents Chair Movement
  • Reduces Spinal Compression and Improves Posture
  • UK Manufactured with a 5 Year Guarantee

An Office Chair with Sit to Stand Adjustment


To see Posture-Perch in our on-line catalogue please click this →  link 

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Only the Highest quality components, foams and upholstery materials feature in the manufacture of the Posture-Perch.

Posture-Perch comes with a full manufacturers 5 Year Guarantee

British Developed and Manufactured— Ergonomic Technology ‘Simply the Best’

perching stool made in the UK

Contour Ergonomic Office Chair – Developed for Back Care

‘Contour’ an Ergonomic Office Chair with Superb Back Support.


I need an office chair for bad backs

An ergonomic office chair with class leading back suport. Introducing the Human Friendly  ‘Contour’  a style of ergonomic office chair with outstanding back support. It has excellent posture properties and provides support for lumbar, kidneys and spine.
‘Contour’ takes it’s name from the shape of the backrest and is a multi adjustable chair . It is adaptable for people with bad backs and is suitable for people up to 6′ 0″ (1.52m),  and maybe taller.


An Incredibly Comfortable & Hugging Office Chair.

The backrest on this ergonomic office chair is moulded to the shape of the spine however it eliminates the possibility of the upper curve causing hunching.  The lumber and kidney areas of the backrest are ‘S’ shaped this has resulted in Contour being  described as; “Incredibly  comfortable and Hugging”. Healthcare professionals love this chair.

To say the least this ergonomic office chair  is an investment in back care and posture. Orders for the chair includes one NHS Trust using it for a number of their staff. Contour solved problems where other office chairs simply could not . Contour is a style of work seating with class leading properties.


vinyl posture office chair

Contour vinyl office chair with excellent back support

Ergonomic Support Options.


All ‘Contour’ chairs have a good choice of options to tailor the chair to your requirements.  You can also have the unique Posture-Pocket sprung seat system to provide an affordable orthopaedic upgrade.

To enquire about the Contour range please click → here  or call us on 01388 748 999 

The ‘Contour’ range  is a PostureSmart development and only available from PostureSmart (UK)


ergonomic office chair


Draughtsman Chair with a Coil Sprung Seat – Simply The Best

The Very Best Draughtsman Chair for High Level Work Areas


We have done it again!!  Innovation in office seating.  A Draughtsman Chair for use in high level work areas with a PostureSmart Coil Sprung Seat.

You will not get any better than the V704D  Draughtsman Chair for comfort and functionality.  Coil springs are the ultimate in orthopaedic seating by the nature of their movement and support. Reduced pressure on the sciatic nerve and sacroiliac joints along with a massage effect to stimulate blood flow provides the best possible support. Coil springs  aid core stability and greatly reduce fatigue.


The Perfect Draughtsman Chair for 24 Hour Use


V704D is  for people who work at high level workstations, control room environments, reception areas, hospitals, laboratories are a good example.

Coil springs allow Airflow through the sprung interior of the seat, it provides a cooler and more comfortable working environment by reducing fatigue and fidgeting. The result is a more happy and productive workforce.

Manufactured to last and great value for money. The V704D Office Chair is built around a heavy duty SATRA tested mechanism to 150kgs (23.5 stone) weight loading. This mechanism has multiple adjustments to provide posture benefits and has seat depth adjustment to accommodate users up to 6′ 2″ tall. A good range of options will allow the chair to be configured to your personal or company requirements.


10 Year Manufacturer Warranty


The coil sprung interior is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 10 years in normal 8 hour usage & 5 years for 24 hour use. The standard fabric used for the upholstery has an exceptional abrasion property and is a pure new wool/nylon mix.

Would you like to know some more about the PostureSmart V704D Draughtsman Chair? Please follow this link → V704D

Overseas inquiries welcome.


ergonomic draughtsman chair

V704D Coils sprung Draughtsman chair

New PostureSmart Poly Saddle Seat

Saddle Stool For Infection Control Areas


In quick succession a second new Saddle Stool – Seat from PostureSmart the Poly. This chair uses all the same components as the Premium model but has a  soft feel Polyurethane saddle as standard making it ideal for Infection Control Areas and clean rooms where the saddle needs to be washed down with with either soap,  a mild bleach solution or disinfectant/wiped. There are no seams where the fabric/vinyl would normally be secured to the underside and therefore a possible area for bacteria to hide and be difficult to get to.

The saddle is very comfortable due to the softer spongy feel of the material, there are 2 additional heights available from standard  and options for a polished aluminium base and gas lifts a foot ring is also available.

All his quality for only £154.50 Including Delivery + vat

PostureSmart Poly Saddle Stool

Saddle Seat with a Premium Quality from PostureSmart

PostureSmart Premium Saddle Seat


PostureSmart Premium Saddle SeatPostureSmart Premium Saddle Seat oozes quality and is designed to last having a Full 5 Year Guarantee  PostureSmart Saddle Seat or Stool, as they are commonly called, is manufactured in the UK using the highest quality parts and a BIFMA tested mechanism for height and tilt.

There are 3 heights available using a 9″ gas lift as standard with a cost plus option for 12″ & 14 ” gas lifts. There is also the flexibility to choose colour and type of upholstery from a high quality and durable 80% pure new wool fabric to Leather, a polished aluminium base and chrome gas lift is an option as is a foot ring. All in all a very flexible product to tailor to your choice of style and price.

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Specialist Ergonomic Office Chair & DSE Workstation Assessments

On-site Office Chair & DSE Workstation Assessments


We are pleased to announce that we are now offering expert,  on-site Office Chair Assessments, to any  UK location and Ireland.

We have been asked time and time again to offer this type of assessment because of our expertise and knowledge of office seating,  our ability to provide a solution for individuals suffering  from bad posture and back pain to more serious injury and clinical related problems.

What does this cost? Well,  generally  it’s not expensive at all to provide a solution  by people who know all there is to know about Office Seating – Experts.

On-site Office Chair Assessments is available now – please follow this link to the on-line request  form – Specialist Ergonomic Office Chair Assessments

Monitor Arms

Monitor Arms – Free Up Your Desk Space!


We are pleased to announce that by the end of July we will be offering single and multiple Monitor Arms made by one of Europe’s leading manufacturers. In keeping with our philosophy  to provide the best possible solutions to correct seated posture when in a desk bound  environment these Monitor Arms provide an exceptional solution to raising a single or multiple monitors off the desk to a correct position while simultaneously freeing up valuable desk space.

We have hand picked these products for there functionality, build quality and style and most will be available ex stock and in a choice of colours.

Office Chairs for Petite and Small People

Petite & Small Office Chairs


Petite & Small Office ChairsComing in the New Year a Special for Petite and Smaller users. This is a new addition to the PostureSmart™ range and depending as to how well this  particular chair sells will determine as to whether we accept it as a permanent product in the Petite & Small Office Chairs Category section of our on-line catalogue.

This is a sneak preview:

The main features are that the seat adjusts in depth from  400mm to 450mm  and is ideal for individuals 4’9 ” up to 5′ 4″ and average build.

The petite office chair uses a mechanism designed to give independent adjustment of the seat height, tilt, and backrest angle and height so perfect for providing correct posture. The fabric used is hard wearing and treated to be stain repellent.

The office chair can be fitted with arms as shown and an inflatable lumbar or sacrum  support.  How Much, well special introductory price of £149 + vat including delivery. Now that really is a Bargain. Interested before the chair is launched  in January, Please call 01388 748 999.



As from December 2012 ACTIV+ will  be changing name to  PostureSmart™  same great chairs but a brand new name to reflect the posture and back care benefits that this range of office seating has. PostureSmart™ Office Chairs will, depending on specification, include the revolutionary PostureSmart pocket sprung seating system as standard but also with the option to have foam used in the seat pad.