Best Coccyx Chairs for Office Wellbeing

We have now introduced, we believe, the Best Coccyx Chairs available for use in the Office or Home Office.


We have supplied many chairs in the past with a coccyx cut out to relieve pressure on the Tailbone. These task chairs simply had the cut out added as an option to an existing model. This made searching for a coccyx chair more difficult.


As a result of this we have initially introduced 2 coccyx chairs to a dedicated range. These are a Task Chair in 2 sizes, standard or petite & small and a Draughtsman or Counter Chair, for use at higher work areas.

So what have we done differently to our Coccyx Chairs? Well apart from including seat depth adjustment and an inflatable lumbar support we are using Pressure Relief Seat Foam with a Coccyx Cut out  to greatly improve comfort levels.  This seat foam is called Reflexion® and consists of a 25mm (1″) top layer of ‘Vasco’ foam over of a 50mm (2″) layer of ‘Reflex’ foam. The top layer reacts to body heat and moulds to the users body shape. This creates a reflection of the body contours. The lower layer then provides support and flexibility for the top layer of softer ‘Vasco’ foam.


The following pressure map shows the benefits of Reflexion® seat foam over standard seat foams,with a big reduction in pressure points.

reflexion seat foam improved posture

The top map clearly shows the pressure points in yellow, orange and bright green. The lower map of Reflexion foam shows the virtual elimination of the pressure points with a more even distribution of body-weight


reflexion foam for coccyx chairs

Reflexion seat cushion with coccyx cut out











So if you suffer from an inflammation or tenderness of the tailbone known as Coccydynia  then these coccyx chairs will be perfect for you. Particularly with a large selection of options to tailor the chair to your requirements, and a new luxurious upholstery fabric, you will have your perfect chair.

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draughtsman coccyx chair









Made in Great Britain