Ergonomic Human Friendly Office Chairs for Everyone

ergonomic office chairs

Help prevent the onset of office back pain. – Invest in PostureSmart Office Seating  – Corrective and Preventative by Design

Ergonomic Office Chairs – Simply the Best from PostureSmart (UK)

Office Chairs developed by office seating Experts. PostureSmart orthopaedic and ergonomic office chairs offer a range of high quality seating to suit all. From Petite & Small office chairs to office seating for tall people up to 7′ (2.1 metres) Tall and  for Heavy people weighing up to 50 stone (317 kg). In fact we have the right office chair to fit virtually anyone.

Trusted by companies large and small as well a Governmental departments, numerous NHS Trusts and Educational establishments to provide their seating solutions.

Unsurpassed quality – ergonomic office seating made in the UK to BS5459 and far exceeding HSE Seating at Work Directives. For peace of most all office seating is Guaranteed for a Minimum 5 Years for normal 8 hour.

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Ergonomic Office Chairs

ergonomic office chairs

Petite & Small Office Chairs

petite & small office chair

Tall Office Chairstall office chair

Office Chairs for Heavy People

office chairs for heavy people

Coil Sprung Orthopaedic Office Chairs

V704 orthopaedic office chair

Pregnancy Office Chairs

maternity office chair

Draughtsman Chairs

ergonomic draughtsman chair

Sit Stand Chairs

sit stand chair

Sit Stand Desks

sit stand desks

Vinyl Ergonomic Office Chairs

vinyl office chairs

Articulate Leg Rest

articulate leg rest

Ergonomic Accessories

document holders

best ergonomic office chairs

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Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic Office Chairs manufactured in the UK


ergonomic office chairPostureSmart (UK) are experts in providing  Office Chairs, Task Chairs, Computer Chairs , Desk Chairs, Swivel Chairs  designed to our specification and made in the UK by our manufacturing partners who are passionate about all aspects of Office Seating.

By design PostureSmart® our office seating range  features Posture positive heavy duty mechanisms to provide either standard or 24 hour use flexibility. These HD mechanisms are deliberately configured to provide  the adjust-ability required for Posture and comfort and are also ideal for use as a Bad Back Chair should the need arise.

All components used in the manufacture process  of our office chair collection is of the highest quality providing office chairs that are affordable, yet fully functional and built to last.

All our Office Chairs Exceed HSE Seating at work Directives

PostureSmart (UK) is more than capable of handling requirements from a single user to 500 plus office chairs, offering a large range of fabric type and colour options.

We firmly believe that it is vitally important to work closely with our manufacturing partners in developing seating range that is of high quality,  has a long working life, is  highly functional, comfortable and affordable. As a result of this policy we have in addition to our standard ranges developed office seating  for Small and Petite People Tall  and Heavy People all providing the correct posture and support  with a list of options to suit most individuals.


Pocket Sprung Seats


A new Revolutionary development   ‘Posture-Pocket, pocket sprung seats  are now available on certain models. Pocket Sprung Seats are extremely practical and comfortable, this is the same principal as a pocket sprung mattress. The pocket springs  used in these seats are guaranteed for 10 years and are extremely affordable.  This  ground-breaking seat  is available  on  our PostureSmart™ and Vertebral ranges .


Office Chairs used by NHS and Universities


Our Office Chairs are used by Local and National Government departments. The NHS, BP, University of Cumbria, Kings College London, Dulas,  Sage Gateshead, Nissan MM UK, Rolls Royce and the USAF to name a few.

No matter how large or small your requirement may be we would be pleased to discuss your office chair needs, either telephone or fax your enquiry or alternatively use the form located in the ‘Contact Us’ section.

Tel: 01388 748 999

Fax: 01388 748 555

30 Day terms available for National & Local Government, Healthcare, Educational establishments and other recognised institutions and businesses.