Bariatric Office Chair – PostureSmart VB1001

New Bariatric Office Chair


Bariatric office seating up to 50 stonesWe have upgraded the VB1001 Bariatric Office Chair  with a gas lift and mechanism tested to 50 stones. This chair is hand made to the highest standard making sure that customer comfort is the main factor.

It is common that office seating for heavy people  is generally based around standard chairs. These chairs usually have a stronger gas lift however use a ply seat and a standard chair mechanism. The dimensions of the customer are also not usually taken into account, would they fit?

Well we have solved that problem. There is no reason that a customer should have to use a chair that is believed to be the right size.


We have the capability to have each office chair made to measure if required using strengthened seats with coil sprung interiors. Arms, if fitted, are secured on the seat  using metal to metal fittings and not metal to wood. Another example of the build quality of this chair.

The PostureSmart (UK) range of office chairs for heavy people including bariatric office chairs will suit customer of various weight. Starting at:-

20 stone (127 kgs) to 30 stone (190 kgs)  the  PSo6B

20 or 30 stone (190 kgs) to 40 stone (254 kgs) the  V1000

30 stone (190kgs) to 50 stone (317kgs)  the  V1050

Developed for customers by office seating experts – people who care.


Available now  please call for details,   we are always pleased to help.

Or simply view the Bariatric Office Seating

Manufactured with Pride in the UK

Prostate Office Chair for sufferers of Prostate discomfort

Prostate Office Chair provides relief and More Comfort for sufferers of Prostatitis

The V704PR  prostate office chair has been developed for men with prostate problems such as Prostatitis.  Our V704PR chair provides more comfort and adjustment than any other chair currently available today.  A truly Human Friendly innovation.
Based on our popular V704 with a coil sprung seat (image shows chair with optional headrest and ‘Durham’ arms plus inflatable lumbar panel). The chair features   a new, unique system to help relieve the pressure on the prostrate gland when seated.


Seating that Reduces the Pressure

As  mentioned this prostate office chair has a coil sprung seat as the platform and features a new and unique system positioned on top  of the sprung seat frame. The system panels run underneath the upholstery and are positioned under the upper leg and buttock. When the panels are inflated they lift the body clear of the seat surface which reduces the pressure on the prostate gland. prostate office chairThe result is that you are more comfortable and therefore better able to concentrate on work and not be distracted by discomfort.

The sprung seat is the key to the success of the system as the seat and panels work together. The sprung seat frame prevents the panels from sinking when inflated and the chair is in use, as they would do if  a foam seat cushion was used.

The image shows the seat with panels inflated, which does not look at all out of place and unsightly.

The first V704PR prostate office chair was  bought by a gentleman with severe prostate discomfort. We received feedback 8 weeks after delivery, this is his comment.

“The chair is great it takes the pressure off perfectly”


The V704PR office chair for men with prostate problems is a chair we know works.

This is the link to the  → V704 orthopaedic office chair  if you would like to order on-line and choose inflatable seat panels in the options menu.

Interested, please give us a call, t: 01388 748 999 we’d love to talk.  Or alternatively  drop us a line via our   → Contact Form  and we will get back in touch to discuss.

About Us

Office Chair Specialists


Based in the north east of England PostureSmart (UK) has an immense experience in office seating for general and specialised requirements.

From launching our first web site in 2005 we have helped countless individuals, businesses and organisations to solve their office chair issues, and solve them we truly have.

From humble beginnings taking in and realising that the vast majority of office chairs were simply designed for parking oneself on while working at a desk or chilling out with a cuppa and even lounging, (when the boss wasn’t around), we realised that this seating style simply did not have the adjustments or support capability, and indeed, in many cases, simply were the wrong size.


Office Chair Caring For Your Back


With all this in mind we set off on a mission to help, educate and supply the correct office chair ranges for adjust-ability, posture and back care. We initially accepted some manufacturers standard chairs that they perceived to be good for posture and back care with configurable options such as inflatable lumbar panels and seat depth adjustment.  Yet they were still only in one size and after a while were rock hard to sit on for a full 8 hours, and we don’t like numb bum syndrome.

So we searched for manufacturers that would work with us and took on board advice from physiotherapists /ergonomists /occupational therapists as well as other healthcare professionals, as to what they wanted to see in either a standard chair, or slightly more targeted areas for size and various issues such as sciatica or spinal problems.

One of the issues we came across was that many manufacturers were only interested in orders in the front door and boxes out the back door, simply not what we were looking for, then we found one manufacturer who would work with us to develop our ergonomic office chair ranges.


Developed with  Specialists


This person is a renowned expert in orthopaedic office seating and so our specialist and premium ranges came about in our PostureSmart and Vertebral brands. We then found another company who would also work with us, making sure our standard value for money chairs were capable of offering all the adjustments and support required in a good office chair designed for posture and back care.

One of the main factors is that all foams or springing are deliberately chosen for comfort, gone are the days of the ‘Rock Hard’ seat,  gone will be the days that you cannot concentrate on the job simply because you are uncomfortable, your back aches , you just feel that you cannot get into the right position or the chair wobbles.


So where are we today and what makes us so good at what we do?

Well, put simply ‘We Care’. This is not just a showcase site hoping to sell a chair, we are at the end of a phone and ready to offer help and advice, happy to talk through any questions that you may have about the various options, sizes functions and indeed everything  you may need to know before you make your decision regarding your office chair.

We simply know everything there is to know about office seating; and we are truly passionate about the subject. We have attended courses in Advanced Workstation Assessments covering Seating, Desking and Display Screen Equipment (contrary to some claims being made there is actually no nationally recognised qualification in DSE Assessments) so we can also help set up your workstation as well as consult on a chair.

Want some help and advice? Simply pick up the phone and give us a call, we are the friendly folks who know what they are talking about.

Our main contact number is:  01388 748 999


Full Contact Details

PostureSmart (UK)  •  Unit 4 Crook Business Centre  •  New Road   •  Crook  •  Co. Durham  •  DL15 8QX

T:- 01388 748 999  •  F:- 01388 748 555  •  E: →

PostureSmart (UK) is a trading style of Verd Office Solutions Limited we are all a happy bunch and based at the above address. We are registered in England and our company number is 7600250

Draughtsman Chair with Coil Sprung Seat – Simply The Best

The Very Best Draughtsman Chair for High Level Work Areas


We have done it again!!  Innovation in office seating.  A Draughtsman Chair for use in high level work areas with a PostureSmart Coil Sprung Seat.

You will not get any better than the V704D  Draughtsman Chair for comfort and functionality.  Coil springs are the ultimate in orthopaedic seating by the nature of their movement and support. Reduced pressure on the sciatic nerve and sacroiliac joints along with a massage effect to stimulate blood flow provides the best possible support. Coil springs  aid core stability and greatly reduce fatigue.


The Perfect Draughtsman Chair for 24 Hour Use


V704D is  for people who work at high level workstations, control room environments, reception areas, hospitals, laboratories are a good example.

Coil springs allow Airflow through the sprung interior of the seat, it provides a cooler and more comfortable working environment by reducing fatigue and fidgeting. The result is a more happy and productive workforce.

Manufactured to last and great value for money. The V704D Office Chair is built around a heavy duty SATRA tested mechanism to 150kgs (23.5 stone) weight loading. This mechanism has multiple adjustments to provide posture benefits and has seat depth adjustment to accommodate users up to 6′ 2″ tall. A good range of options will allow the chair to be configured to your personal or company requirements.


10 Year Manufacturer Warranty


The coil sprung interior is guaranteed by the manufacturer for 10 years in normal 8 hour usage & 5 years for 24 hour use. The standard fabric used for the upholstery has an exceptional abrasion property and is a pure new wool/nylon mix.

Would you like to know some more about the PostureSmart V704D Draughtsman Chair? Please follow this link → V704D

Overseas inquiries welcome.


ergonomic draughtsman chair

V704D Coils sprung Draughtsman chair

Now Shipping to Europe

Shipping Office Chairs to Europe


We are please to announce that we are now able to ship Office Chairs, Footrests and Saddle Seats  to the following locations within Europe and Scandinavia:

£12 per Office Chair or Stool:

  • France
  • Germany
  • Belgium
  • Netherlands
  • Luxembourg
  • Republic of Ireland

£20 per Chair or Stool:

  • Denmark

£30 per Chair or Stool:

  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Iceland


For all other destinations please contact us for more details!

New PostureSmart Poly Saddle Seat

Saddle Stool For Infection Control Areas


In quick succession a second new Saddle Stool – Seat from PostureSmart the Poly. This chair uses all the same components as the Premium model but has a  soft feel Polyurethane saddle as standard making it ideal for Infection Control Areas and clean rooms where the saddle needs to be washed down with with either soap,  a mild bleach solution or disinfectant/wiped. There are no seams where the fabric/vinyl would normally be secured to the underside and therefore a possible area for bacteria to hide and be difficult to get to.

The saddle is very comfortable due to the softer spongy feel of the material, there are 2 additional heights available from standard  and options for a polished aluminium base and gas lifts a foot ring is also available.

All his quality for only £154.50 Including Delivery + vat

PostureSmart Poly Saddle Stool

Ergonomic Office Chair

PostureSmart Ergo-Postural Office Chair


We have developed an office chair to provide good seated posture including back support as standard. The seat features our Posture-Pocket sprung seat system with real orthopaedic properties.  PostureSmart OPUS 24 costs £286.40+ vat with free delivery.

Although priced at a very competitive level there is nothing cheap about this chair, using a SATRA certified heavy duty mechanism the OPUS 24  includes seat depth adjustment and an Inflatable lumbar support as standard. There are a large choice of options so you can tailor the chair with various back support panels, armrests and multi adjustable headrest.additional

Require more than one? Then get in touch and we can discuss price and options.  01388 748 999


5 Year Warranty


This office chair provides all the features required to give the user the adjust-ability for posture on an independent mechanism and has an extra high backrest which is height adjustable from the seated position.

A range of colours are available and the chair carries a manufacturers Full 5 year warranty, all in all a steal.