‘JUNO’ The Human Friendly Pregnancy Office Chair

Introducing ‘JUNO’ a  pregnancy office chair designed to help with the effects of back pain during pregnancy.

pregnancy office chair

‘Juno’ Maternity Office Chair

 Human Friendly Office Maternity Seating  developed for support and comfort especially during the latter stages of pregnancy. The range consist of a regular chair suitable for Mums to be 5′ 4″ to 6′ 1″  (1.6 – 1.9m) tall  and a petite version suitable for 4’ 10”  to 5’ 4” (1.47m  – 1.65m) and of average build.


We have used a backrest with a unique shape to support the spine and kidneys and included two inflatable panels for the areas of the back that Mums to be require the support, the Lumbar and lower Sacral areas. These areas of the back are the ones prone to back pain due to the softening of ligaments  and the extra weight of Baby pulling on the back. JUNO  has a fully independent mechanism to allow the seat to tilt opening the pelvic girdle and making more room for Baby and making  Mum more comfortable, this tilt can be clearly seen in the image. The tilt can be locked at any position along it’s travel

Our Posture-Pocket sprung seat system is  a standard and important feature on this pregnancy office chair, this seat system has unique properties and reduces pressure on the Sacroiliac Joints and Pelvic Girdle it also reduces pressure on the base of the spine.

PostureSmart (UK) have been working on this project since 2015, the seat and chair mechanism were chosen quickly but the backrest was the stumbling block, we did not want to market a pregnancy office chair until we were sure that we had the correct backrest for the task, it simply had to be fully supportive. With feedback from customers and healthcare professionals regarding our ‘Contour’ ergonomic office chair the decision was simply a no-brainer. Couple this with the pocket sprung seat, chair mechanism and two inflatable support panels for Mum to adjust the support as and when needed, we believe that we have put together the perfect Maternity Office Chair→ Simply the Best.

JUNO can be found at our on-line catalogue just click this link ‘JUNO’ The Pregnancy Office Chair

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