New PostureSmart Poly Saddle Seat

Saddle Stool For Infection Control Areas


In quick succession a second new Saddle Stool – Seat from PostureSmart the Poly. This chair uses all the same components as the Premium model but has a  soft feel Polyurethane saddle as standard making it ideal for Infection Control Areas and clean rooms where the saddle needs to be washed down with with either soap,  a mild bleach solution or disinfectant/wiped. There are no seams where the fabric/vinyl would normally be secured to the underside and therefore a possible area for bacteria to hide and be difficult to get to.

The saddle is very comfortable due to the softer spongy feel of the material, there are 2 additional heights available from standard  and options for a polished aluminium base and gas lifts a foot ring is also available.

All his quality for only £154.50 Including Delivery + vat

PostureSmart Poly Saddle Stool

Saddle Seat with a Premium Quality from PostureSmart

PostureSmart Premium Saddle Seat


PostureSmart Premium Saddle SeatPostureSmart Premium Saddle Seat oozes quality and is designed to last having a Full 5 Year Guarantee  PostureSmart Saddle Seat or Stool, as they are commonly called, is manufactured in the UK using the highest quality parts and a BIFMA tested mechanism for height and tilt.

There are 3 heights available using a 9″ gas lift as standard with a cost plus option for 12″ & 14 ” gas lifts. There is also the flexibility to choose colour and type of upholstery from a high quality and durable 80% pure new wool fabric to Leather, a polished aluminium base and chrome gas lift is an option as is a foot ring. All in all a very flexible product to tailor to your choice of style and price.

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