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Our focus has always been on Well-Being in the workplace and in our goal to help you achieve this we are introducing a range of Sit Stand Desks.

sit stand desk

PostureDesk desk mounted sit stand desk

Introducing ‘PostureDesk’, a complete range of easy to adjust Sit-Stand desks

PostureDesk a range of desk mounted sit stand desks oozing with ergonomic technology. Easy height adjustment using hydraulic technology and 2 styles. Either a traditional ‘X’ frame or central column mount, there is a style to suit all.


Available in a range of sizes a  load capacity of  15kgs.  Operation is easy, lift the lever and the hydraulics take over, easy to the stand position and gentle push to the sit position.

To make these desks more productive and practical there is a separate keyboard level which adjusts with the height. On the central column model the keyboard is removable allowing the desk to be used for example  presentation purposes. This model has tilt adjustment on the keyboard holder to help prevent Carpel Tunnel Syndrome. On all models the desk platform has a useful tablet slot to the front of the main work area.sit stand desks


So what is the benefit of using a sit stand desk?  Well a panel of experts commissioned by ‘Public Health England’  advised that workers should stand up for at least 2 hours, as reported by The Daily Telegraph. Information on this report can be seen →here don’t worry, the link will open in a new page.

The benefits include a kick start to your metabolism helping to burn off extra calories • Improved posture • Improved blood circulation • Better breathing and oxygen flow to the brain • Engages key muscle groups and improves core stability • Proven to reduce stress • Increases productivity.

At a starting price of £210.00  PostureDesk  sit stand desks are really affordable, and there is no compromise on the build quality. They are a realistic cost effective option to buying a dedicated height adjustable desk. It also prevents waste in what may be a perfectly good desk being discarded. Manufactured from either die cast aluminium or cold rolled steel both styles are durable and very stable.

Sit Stand Chairs

sit stand chair

Posture-Perch adjustable sit stand chair

Posture-Perch  provides the perfect combination when you want a break from standing. Supportive and comfortable but achieving all the benefits that standing provides – Simply the Best.

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